What We Offer

Economic development and regeneration

Building on extensive knowledge and experience, our professionals provide economic development analysis and strategic regeneration services to a wide range of clients. From the London 2012 Olympics to European Regional Development Fund programmes, we develop ideas and ensure their success in funding and implementation. Our services are designed to help clients understand their markets, assess risks, and clarify the uncertainties inherent in any economic development initiative, business strategy, or public policy programme– employment, business support, infrastructure investment, and skills and training, for instance. Crucially, we understand our client’s vision whatever the scope, objective, or location, and address their challenges through creative thinking, detailed analysis, and concise communication.

Environmental and equality impact assessment

We understand the value of our natural environment and the need to minimise impacts from society and industry – we have a long history of providing environmental solutions for private and public sector clients. We provide comprehensive environmental management services that meet business and operational lifecycle needs for feasibility, impact analysis, and operational compliance. From developing green procurement opportunities for Business Link to looking at energy from waste initiatives for EDF Energy, we are able to integrate sustainability elements in the development of economies. In parallel, we recognise the need for compliance and equality impact assessments for public sector bodies. Our knowledge and understanding of client processes and operations, and local and regional regulatory settings and standards, allow us to ensure that clients, such as the National Health Service (England), understand the equity and ethical dimensions to their work.

Innovation and technology transfer

We can draw on a team of academic and industry experts with experience of developing and promoting a range of technologies, such as biotechnology, energy and waste management, and ICT. We also have expertise in technology transfer and the promotion of innovation, especially the development and exploitation of intellectual property, as demonstrated from our work developing the business plan, funding structure and delivery method for the world leading British Library’s Business and Intellectual Property Centre. A central part of our work is integrating innovation and technology transfer approaches in developing local, regional and national economies, and promoting links between universities and the business community, such as our work with University College London.

Investment readiness and due diligence

Building on the expertise and experience of our team, we can perform due diligence on potential projects and investments. Here we can advise organisations – both public and private – and provide industry insight and knowledge to make informed decisions. We have advised on numerous investments in a number of sectors, and have helped clients generate and evaluate investment opportunities through different approaches, such as one-to-one briefings with industry experts to evaluate ideas; tailored workshops related to specific market trends; and research in particular sectors and geographies.  We also use a range of techniques – for example, the Treasury’s Green Book and 5 case business model  –  to prepare organisations to be investment ready. Importantly, we work with our clients to gain a clear view of underlying trends and market implications to identify and evaluate investment opportunities. As an independent company we are always aware of any conflict of interests.

Procurement, commissioning and supply-chain management

Our multidisciplinary teams are committed to providing technical, design and business solutions that enhance procurement and commissioning practice and help develop supply-chains leading to resource and outcome efficiencies. For example, we have helped support the development and management of procurement and commissioning skills and processes for both the National Health Service (England) and Russian Federation. A major feature of our work is developing effective collaborations and partnership within supply-chains, and we have a passion for sharing knowledge that helps achieve wider outcomes from financial and infrastructure investment. We have also supported the Learning Skills Improvement Service to maximise capital expenditure of teaching and education facilities to ensure best value and links between the delivery of world class education and the management of organisations. And we developed and delivered the first public funded procurement and supply-chain support programme (Fit to Supply) that worked with over 5,000 businesses to win contracts.

Project and programme management

We offer a portfolio of skills and abilities associated with project and programme services. We have an understanding of all of the functions and responsibilities required during phases of a project lifecycle, ensuring we enable and support the implementation and delivery of successful projects around the world, such as pan-European technology and skills programmes. We can lead or advise on project management issues covering capital and revenue spend in a range of sectors, such as energy, health, regeneration, and sports infrastructure. Our project managers complete projects intelligently, paying particular attention to successful business results, as highlighted through our work on Wembley Stadium. We are also adept at creating value for clients by realising new opportunities, reducing costs and managing risk, such as managing major regeneration programmes in London.

Public policy and strategic development

Our practice and experience allows us to develop key public policy agendas. Through making links between investment in infrastructure and local economic development as part of the 2012 London Olympics and developing ‘transformation business support’ functions for Regional Development Agencies, our multidisciplinary approach brings together the best creative and strategic thinkers to facilitate complex reciprocal relationships between organisations, stakeholders and places. Importantly, in the development of policy, we combine market and stakeholder knowledge with technical expertise to build business cases for cost-effective, functional, and imaginative solutions.

Research and evaluation

We have a high level of research skills and experience, such as looking at international trade implications for the Russian Federation joining the WTO, the development of risk sharing schemes for Alzheimer’s disease, or promoting biotechnology as an innovation strategy for economic development. We also have extensive experience of designing and delivering evaluation and impacts assessment for a range of clients, including the European Commission, HM Treasury, and local authorities. Importantly, our team is equipped to undertake research at both strategic and practical levels, and we help develop and foster partnerships that achieve long-term outcomes. In addition, our team of researchers and evaluators can identify and analyse key economic and social development issues, such as through our work on assessing European Social Fund skills initiatives and the impact of the construction industry for public bodies.